March for Science: “No alternative to facts”

Tübingen University backs March for Science demonstration this coming Saturday – “Attacks on science are attacks on us all”

The President of the University of Tübingen and the University executive have expressed their full support for the March for Science, to be held in Tübingen and more than 500 cities around the world on Saturday.


“Attacks on science are attacks on us all, no matter where we carry out research, teaching, or where we study,” said President Bernd Engler on Wednesday. “Now more than ever, science is a global process upon which freedom, security, prosperity, and a healthy environment depend.”


No-one should be silent when government agencies or populist movements of the left or the right attack scientific institutions or their representatives, or when funding programs for the humanities, the arts, and the environment are cut, Professor Engler stressed.


“Critical thinking, challenging fixed ideas, and open discussion of new theories and scientific findings laid the foundations of the modern world, and every day they create a new foundation for our future,” Engler said.


Anyone who bullies universities and researchers, and who claims their finding are merely opinions, is endangering our future, he said.  For that reason, organizers have chosen 22 April for the march; it is international Earth Day.


“I am very glad that researchers from this University, the University Hospitals, and the non-university research institutions joined together several months ago to organize a March for Science here in Tübingen,” the President said. “Because there is no alternative to facts.”


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