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Tracing down linear ubiquitination

Schematic model of two linearly linked ubiquitin molecules. The internal tagging site is marked in black. Graphic: Koraljka Husnjak, generated by PyMOL Software

Group including Tübingen researchers devises a method which will help investigate the role of this protein modification in cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, and infections.


New Hope for the Saiga Antelope?

Saiga Antelope. © Bayarbaatar Buuveibaatar

Saiga Antelopes were much more flexible than originally thought.


Environmental researchers are developing new biosensors for testing water

The principle behind the new biosensors: The receptor binding of the drugs immediately generates a fluorescence signal in the exposed cells which measures its intensity. Photo: M. Frey

Biologists from the University of Tübingen have helped develop biosensors which can detect drugs in water more quickly and in smaller amounts


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